Even the ride to get here is pretty.

When we say that there's something for everyone, we do mean everyone.

From an exhilarating flight through the forest on a zip line to the wholesome fun of a country fair, Franklin County is the destination that's always in season. Farmland vistas beckon, along with the taste of freshly-picked fruit or the creative cuisine of an expert chef. Museums await to intrigue and delight. Theater performances and live music awaken the senses. Franklin County has something for everyone who enjoys the good life — indoors or outdoors!

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Enjoy our videos, one of Franklin County as a whole and another one about fly fishing in Franklin County, produced by TOLD Video of Greenfield, MA:


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  • Adrenaline Rushing at Berkshire East
    By Daniel Hales I took the leap, the plunge, the lunge, the splash, and did four of the fair-weather adrenalized activities at Berkshire East Mountain Resort. You might inf...
    Friending the Covered Bridges of Franklin County: An Under-cover Over-water Investigation
    By Daniel Hales We set out prepared to document mostly creaky and condemned bridges. Not because we’re pessimists, but because of this discouraging introduction in our guidebook...
    Paddler’s Delight
    by Daniel Hales“Have you also learned that secret from the river; that there is no such thing as time?" That the river is everywhere at the same time, at the source and at the ...
    Dreamscaping In Ashfield: Double Edge Theatre
    By Daniel HalesPhotos by Kim Chin-Gibbons & Michael Cohen The Hilltown of Ashfield is flush with farms, orchards, sugarhouses, apiaries, and cideries. But when you’re driv...
    Crossing The Blossoming Bridge
    By Daniel Hales Do you have a favorite flower? A dozen favorite flowers? Want to be horticulturally promiscuous and meet dozens of gorgeous, sexy new flowers all at once? There ...
    Riding The Rails: Canalside Rail Trail
    By Daniel Hales Have you been to the Turners Falls canal -- which I think of as a little slice of Venice in western Massachusetts? I first experienced it on a magical, moonlit s...
    Hit the Slopes in Western Massachusetts
    The light is returning, spring is in the air, and there is still plenty of snow! If you’re itching to get out of the house and safely be around other people, hit the slopes at ...
    Visitor's Guide To Franklin County Geology
    BY RICHARD D. LITTLEAbove the Connecticut River looking north into Franklin County with Mt. Sugarloaf to left and Sunderland to right Franklin County,  Massachusetts: the wor...
    Reflections on Gravel Road Biking in Franklin County
    BY RYAN BOEDING OF FRONTIER CYCLING TOURS As another season gets closer to an unfortunate close, it is always nice to look back on the short but sweet cycling season that we had...
    Franklin County Biking Paradise
    By DIANE BRONCACCIO What’s more appealing than than bicycling by historic houses and pastures dotted with cows? Or pedaling alongside meandering streams and vibrant fall foliage...
"My husband is a motorcycle enthusiast and likes riding the Mohawk Trail"
"The county is peppered with old and new all mixed up"
"An air of peace and tranquility"
"Real community authenticity. Franklin County is not pseudo anything."
"More down to earth, no pretense, real people."
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